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I have been the first time to the IPMS event at Telford and was just blown away!In the next few weeks I will share all those photos I took.  I will probably introduce the separate SIGs (Special Interest Groups) and other clubs with different posts.  So here the first one, the Classic British Kits special interest group, which focuses on plastic model kits from the golden age of the hobby in Britain.



1/76 Monty's Caravan and Dingo built by James Perrin

First image is the Matchbox 1/76 Monty's Caravan and Dingo built by James Perrin

Various Rosebud: Kitmaster OO scale trains and wagons, built by Chris Gilson, John Ratzenberger and Phil Box. In the backround there are Merit 1/24 racing cars, Alfa Romeo and Talbot Lago by Matt Bacon.

101 gems pic. 2

Airfix Bentley Blower 1/12 scale built by Matt Bacon. In the foreground is the Matchbox 1/72 Halifax by Matt Thomas

Mostly Airifx, but also some Frog, Impact, Kitmaster, Matchbox and Revell. I just loved the Airfix Bentley in 1/8 Scale (just do not have the space for it!).

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