Nuremberg 2011: CMC Bugatti Atlantic, Fiat Ferrari Racing Transporter & More!

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CMC's stand had the amazing upcoming Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic, as well as the Fiat Ferrari F1 Racing Transporter we saw in resin form last year.

To kick things off, here's the Bugatti (and some of its components!)

Amazing, huh? And now, here's the racing transporter:

Lots of other great models too, of course, like the Ferrari F1 Sharknose:

Horch Cabriolets:

And a cabinet full of Mercedes, including 300SLRs, SSKs and more!

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Robert1955 on April 26, 2011


I really appreciate CMMC quality. I have purchased many over the years and compare them to a fine Swiss watch. Once you really look at one your standards change in looking at other diecast models. I have the Ralph Lauren Bugatti paid for and I wait breathlessly to hold it in my hands . I now this is going to be a collector model ,but I do not intend to sell my collection,only admire it.
Bob Geco USA

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