Nuremberg 2011: Bub Premium Classixx - New and Old!

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As usual, Bub had lots of wonderful models on show on their stand, but the night before the Toy Fair, we were very privileged to be invited to the Bub party at their HQ where they showed us over the display cabinets filled with the company's recent products AND some delightful models from the original Bub company. Unfortunately, I'd packed my camera with a dead battery as I hadn't expected to need it til the following day, but I took these shots on my phone's camera and they came out pretty nicely!

Some Bub originals, including tinplate Porsche and early diecasts.

Goggomobil Vans, Zundapp Januses (Janii?) and Goggo coupes.

Many different flavours of Isetta!

And some more tinplate originals including another Porsche 356 and some motorbikes.

And here are some of the up-and-coming models they had on the stand:

Impressive Rijkspolitie Porsche 911

The new Mercedes Gullwing was a popular subject this year, but Bub's version is one of the most impressive.

And for those who like their Gullwings old-school, there's a 300SL on the way too, that's equally impressive.

And here's the irresistible 1/43 Borgward Traumwagen! Plus a Porsche 356 racer.

 - LaToya

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jclevering on February 02, 2012


I love that Porsche... 1:12 too?
Nobleco on February 20, 2011

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Wonderful toys and the Mercedes Gull Wings are just fantastic. They look like a larger scale than 1:43. What scale are they, you don't mention that.
LaToya on February 28, 2011

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Whoops, forgot to say: they are 1/12 (seems to be a very up-and-coming scale as lots of people are branching out into it)
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