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Peugeot 406 Police, No.222S 1/60 scaleThe only way I could get these new Majorette models was to have them sent from France. A fellow collector in France was seeking some new matchbox models he could not find and we worked out a trade. It a shame that Majorette is neglecting the North American market because their new offerings include some excellent models.

The BMW 325i is not new but it has not been offered as a police car before. The BMW M3 is new and an excellent casting. This is the first model of the M3 in small-scale. With this models racing success, a track version would also be welcome.


BMW 325i Polizei No 257 1-58 scale

BMW 325i Police, No.257 1/58 scale

BMW M3 No 257C 1-59 scale

BMW M3, No.257C 1/59 scale

The Dodge Copperhead concept car is quite large in 1:56 scale. Note the larger wheels. Matchbox, Maisto and Hot Wheels have also done the Copperhead.


Dodge Copperhead No 225S 1-56 scale

Dodge Copperhead, No.225S 1/56 scale

The VW Golf IV is the third Golf offered by Majorette. The original Golf was #210 followed by the Golf III, #264, also offered in race and rally versions. Now the latest Golf IV joins the line-up. All of the Golf models have had opening rear hatches and trailer hitches.


VW Golf IV No 224S 1-57 scale

VW Golf IV, No224S 1/57 scale

Like the BMW 325i, the Peugeot 406 has now been offered in a police version. These European police cars will be popular with collectors of law enforcement diecast.


Peugeot 406 Police No 222S 1-60 scale

Peugeot 406 Police, No.222S 1/60 scale

The Jaguar 'S' type from Majorette joins it's counterpart from Welly. The chromed grill and lights give it a more distinctive profile than the Welly version but both models are quite good. Will anyone also do the 'S' type?


Jaguar S type No 294B 1-63 scale

Jaguar S type, No.294B 1/63 scale


The Toyota RAV 4 is the largest small-scale majorette I have ever seen. It is 1:50 scale? Technically, it is outside the normal 1:55-1:72 range considered as small-scale. Why is this model so large? The detail is nice but the size makes it an oddity.


Toyota RAV 4 230 1-50 scale

Toyota RAV 4, No.230 1/50 scale

Majorette is also re-introducing some of their models from the 1970's. The Porsche 924 and BMW Turbo are currently available. For collectors who are missing the originals, here is an opportunity to buy them at retail prices. Of course, that's assuming you can find them. Curiously, the BMW Turbo has had the Majorette name blanked-out on the base while the 924 is an exact copy of the original casting, even sporting the old-style wheels. The BMW is also in a different package and has a different number (#258A) from the original casting (#217).


Porsche 924

Porsche 924

It's great to have these new Majorette models, even if they had to be sent from half-way around the world. Vive l'auto jouette.


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