New York Toy Fair 2010: Toys and Models Corporation Planes & Boats

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Established in 1982 in New Jersey, Toys and Models Corporation aims to focus on affordable high-quality aviation models - they now also do space and maritime items. Models are crafted by hand by the company's master craftsmen from Philippine mahogany or composite. Models come in a variety of scales including 1/72 and 1/62.

And again, all pics are courtesy of Todd from Wings 900!








- LaToya

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GunnerJim on February 21, 2010

Philippine Mahogany.

Those models crafted from timber look fantastic. So much detail just like the jade and ivory carvers of old. I bet they are expensive. Actually I have made a couple of fishing boats out of the same sort of timber, only they are plank on frame type construction and not solid carved.
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