New Die-cast vehicles brand by Uni-Fortune Toys

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Uni-Fortune Toys who start out making Licensed die-cast vehicle since 2004 while they were just "Kid" in the Die-Cast Vehicles field.  However, they've make their way out by making something different in the market --- integrating IC function into Licensed Die-Cast Vehicles.  You may sounds, "It's nothing new at all, all toys have Light & Sound!", but on that period of time, only Sunny Shine who make the Vehicles with Light & Sound.  And Now, Sunny Shine was gone and Uni-Fortune has successful created their own range from 2 Japanese Model, Toyota Supra and Mitsubishi EVO VIII, to now, over 40 models including license of BMW, Porsche, Audi & Mercedes Benz etc.....



You may find some of their latest product photo as below:

Their Facebook:


jokerchu on August 03, 2012


Yes, it looks quite OK.
skytree on August 02, 2012


thx. i just searched some videos about RMZ City fm internet. seem interesting
skytree on August 01, 2012


look good, what's is their brand?
jclevering on August 02, 2012


RMZ City
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