My Inspiration: Corgi 1967 Catalog

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You will find that this Corgi Toys 1967  Catalog has some very interesting and highly detailed models in them. So lets start with the first page:

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967

The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang cars are the easiest to collect and the easiest to restore as well. Repro and original parts are readily available, including the flimsy front axle. Just like the musical this car inspired the models are very popular among young and old. Point in fact when I restored one and gave it to my Dad on his birthday a few years ago. He then realised what my hobby was all about.

"We all live on a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine." The Beatles Sgt.Peppers yellow tub is still sought after and getting quite rare to find in any condition.

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967

"Here come, down on the street... Hey Hey, we're the Monkees." The Monkeemobile.

The Green Hornet with radar  spinner and ofcourse the Toyota and Aston Martin from James Bond. The Toyota is very HTF, but there are plenty of Aston Martin's around, however this be the 'New' version with tire rippers and revolving rego plates.

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967

The Batmobile gets a towhook, trailer and Batboat. And you get a spare Batman and Robin as well. A couple of tiny mistakes on this one ofcourse, like the flame no longer working because of the hook, and the wheels.

Another sought after car is The Saint's Volvo P1800.

Not sure if the Man From U.N.C.L.E car ever came out in white. I've got the metallic blue version as do lots of other people. Very easy to win on eBay if you happen to be looking.

The Avengers Emma Peel's Lotus Elan in white, and John Steed's Bentley 3-Litre. So far the characters have all been missing, but the car's are easy to find. Currently restoring the Elan.

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967

Now we come to my 2010 Corgi project: collecting the golden jacks.

Golden jacks are a series of regular cars whose wheels come off and they get a lever to stand on. This is great for displays. I've just won the Rover 2000TC and have to order a sparewheel cover.

On this page it shows an Olds Toronado, and line drawings of the Lamborghini Muira, Ferrari Dino, Mini Marcos (got two), Pontiac Firebird and Chevy Camaro (won on ebay - restore project).

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967

The cool thing of the Camaro is the retractable lights and the roof can be removed.

Don't know if I've ever seen the Bermuda Taxi. It says 'Available later'. Maybe it never got produced at all.

The Limo, however is sought after. I know I'd like one sometime.

Just been told by Nobleco that the copcar and fire chief are a couple of the best detailed models produced. They came in many liveries since.

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967

Marcos Mantis, Ferrari Dino and Lamborghini Muira with opening features, sliding chairs and golden jacks.

And a De Tomaso Mangusta with a removable chassis. That's another Corgi first, however its unclear what the reason for this sportscar was.

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967

1967 brought out a completely new Mini called the 'Magnifique'. Everything opened and so did the sunroof. This Mini was bigger than the current Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor's who by this time had upgraded to their third version of chrome-cast wheelsA high detailed Jaguar E-type joined the ranks, and the classic MkI Cortina Estate gets another colour change.

Coolest Mini is the Traveller with Surfboards. Pity the boards are brown... quick paint will do wonders.

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967

Got some of these, notice that the boat behind the Olds is the same as the Batboat?

The OSI-Daf has the most features, everything opens... everything.

The Citroen Safari has a lever that folds down the backseat flat in unison. This feature didn't happen on real MPVs until the late nineties

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967

the Lancia Fulvia actually has the weird to the side opening hood.

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967

VW tender, trailer and F1 racing cars in various sets. The white version is extremely sought after. The trailer is htf.

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967

Now we come to my favorite set. The Lotus Giftset No.37. Already had a playworn Lutus Climax and am currently restoring it. As I was collecting Elans for another project I won a spare chassis. Then earlier this week won the trailer, white VW tender and both the yellow and green Elans. The last four are in excellent condition and only the cars need a few tires.

Its a wondeful feeling to complete a set.

Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967Corgi Toys Catalog 1967


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Thanks for all that work!

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