Most Recent Cadillac CTS Models in Small Scale

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By Dave Weber     Photos by Zach Morecraft

The Cadillac Motor Car Company began in 1902. It has since been included into the General Motors Corporation conglomerate and GM always place this Division marque at the head of their hierarchy in which very high class vehicles were produced most of the time.and since the beginnings of GM in 1909, Cadillac has competed for sales  in nose to nose  combat with many classic marques over the years.

The company was first formed by Henry Leland. Coincidentally, Leland later also founded Lincoln Motor Company in 1921. This latter firm was acquired by Henry Ford one year later and at present Lincoln Division of Ford Motor Corporation is one of the above noted competitors in sales to Cadillac.

Since its beginnings, Cadillac has been recognized as being a quality leader in the industry. At present, Cadillac is still successfully recovering from the bankruptcy proceedings recently experienced by its parent company GM!   Cadillac still presents a very desired automobile for the Upper Class which is both stylish and superbly engineered.

This leads us to the car series that is to be discussed as represented in 1:64 scale. It is interesting to note that all three small scale models recently introduced to the consumer and collector in particular were made by Mattel Division Companies. The first was the CTS-V  4 door Sedan issued by Hot Wheels in 2009. This was followed up by the CTS Crossover (Wagon) by Matchbox in 1010. And most recently, there is the CTS  Sport Coupe.   All  three models are excellent replicas of the fullsize vehicles that sell in the range from $40,000- $90,000 each.. Since writing this in "ruff draft", I have learned  that the more powerful and expensive "V" models have a raised engine hood.  This allows the collector to differentiate between the styles of the real  cars!

However, we would be remiss if we did not mention  the 2004 CTS-4 Door Sedan previously issued by Jada Toys , a few years ago! This is also a nice model, but our bias is towards the Matchbox products. Plus, it appears that each new CTS model contribution from Matchbox is even more realistic.  This leads us to wonder, what will be next?     

By Dave Weber  and Zach Morecraft
Photos by Zach Morecraft

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