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Shortly after Quaker Oats aquired the Louis Marx Co. they sold all the toy gun molds to Nichols Kusan . These molds were shipped to Jacksonville Texas and Nichols Kusan actually used a few of them ( i will post photos later ) Then in 1984 Nichols Kusan sold its toy molds to Strombecker Corp. ( Tootsietoy ) and all the Marx Toy gun molds went to Durant Oklahoma . Marx had a large toy gun line . again i will be posting photos later . Most of the Marx toy gun molds were purchased by Wild West Toys at the Durant Auction several years ago . I am sorry this info is so short now . i will ad more info later . Bob WWT

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wildwesttoys on October 15, 2009

More on Louis Marx & Co - An Overview part 2

Howdy back sorry it took me so long to get back with this. Wild West Toys has put a few of the Louis Marx toy gun molds back into production you can see some of these toys at wild west toys shopping cart site . for those of you that are not familier with plastic injection molds let me tell you the Louis Marx company made some very impresive toy molds to reproduce the average Marx toy gun mold in todays $ would cost an average of about $150,000.00 - $200,000.00 . these molds on average weigh about 1200 lbs and are true works of American toy making art . as soon as i figure out how to post some photos i will. Under Marx Toy Gun Molds . Bob WWT
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