More IPMS Stalls and SIGs - Plus Special Bonus ToyCollector Stall

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First two pictures are from the top of the stairs, you can see how many people came to visit and wander around stalls, here they are so you can imagine the Telford atmosfere a bit more.

telfor IPMS

Telford 2010 IPMS


There were some stalls which had unbelievable amount of models to offer, look for example at this picture and I am sure everyone would find something in here, smaller persons had problems to reach the boxes on the top of the pile.

I have not published pictures of our stall and I apologize for that, here they are, we met there some of our members who had many questions and also good ideas for us, THANK YOU ALL who stopped by and provided us with your great ideas concerning ToyCollector.

ToyCollector stall

We were the only stall with no models on the table, but showing our great website at the IPMS fair and this Robot also wanted to know about our project and he was really excited about ToyPedia, I took picture of him during our conversation and also when he was leaving, we had very good discussion, thanks robot and come again....


Robot 2

And some more of Special Interest Groups and pictures of they models they brought to show, first is Barnet:



And one more, Scalpels, Glue and Rock 'n Roll:

Scalpels, Glue and Rock'n Roll

Scalpels, Glue and Rock'n Roll

Scalpels, Glue and Rock'n Roll

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wookie on January 12, 2011


Hi R2 say's High and love the photos of him on your site, Neil Morrison owner.
Radar Toys
Radar Toys on December 12, 2010


I like the R2D2 coming up to the booth. Crazy amount of models too!
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