Merit Model Kits and Reissues

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Research and Photos by Roger Virgo

The Merit series is a selection of classic Grand Prix and Sports Racing cars from the mid-fifties.

Grand Prix Cars circa 1954/55

Merit Maserati 4CLT GP Car

Mercedes-Benz W196



Maserati 250F (Resin reissue)

Vanwall (Resin reissue with scratch-built chassis)

Lancia-Ferrari D50 (Herb Deeks kit)

BRM P25 (not shown)

Lago-Talbot (with engine detail)

Alfa-Romeo 158 (with engine detail - not shown)

Formula 3

Cooper 500 (with engine detail)

Sports Cars

Lotus XI

Jaguar D Type (Early version with no fin)

Aston Martin DB3S

And the almost mythical Bluebird K7 (not shown)


Most Merit kits you will find today are built, and unbuilt kits in good boxes will be fairly expensive. Czech manufacturer Smer took over the Lago Talbot and the Alfetta, and they are still available on eBay or at swap meets.

Resin reissues were available from Keith Sorci directly.

Keith Sorci's last known address:
Colorado Resin Specialists
12650 West 64th Ave. E-426
Arvada, Colorado 80004

Please add a comment if you have something more current.

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Dick on July 09, 2009

Merit Racing Cars

Very nice to see....but what happened to the dies? I suspect that SMER got the two dies when Peco took over Merit but what about the rest? I would love to make the complete set but can't afford the "colllectors prices".
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