Mego Black Knight Jousting Horse Cover coming up for auction!

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We are mega excited about a Mego item that has just come in at Aston’s Toy Auctions. We have a World’s Greatest Super Knights Black Knight Jousting Horse Cover!

The vendor who is entering this item into auction found this Planet of the Apes Action Stallion box while clearing out his father’s attic, and contacted us when he realised the picture shown on the box was very different to what he found inside.

The Mego horse was used in many of their action figure lines, usually with a different paint job. The Planet of the Apes version had a black tail and ankle hair, but the horse in this box has a yellow tail and ankle hair with a light coloured saddle and reins. It appears to be Shadow, the horse from the Heroes of the American West line.


However, the most interesting piece is the jousting cover. Mego released the World’s Greatest Super Knights between 1975 and 1976. The Black Knight Jousting Horse was shown in a catalogue, but as far as we’re aware only one other example has been found.


The vendor explained that in the 1970s his father worked for a company called Combex, later taken over by Wembley Playtoys. His job involved shipping toys and setting up stalls at large toy shows. The family believe he most likely purchased this item at a toy show in Wembley.


If you’re as excited about this find as we are, and would like a chance to own it, look out for the catalogue for our 17th August auction which will be available on our website from 9th August.

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