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There are so many great things that came out of the 1980's. The music, the fashion, the cartoons, and especially the explosion of video games in the homes of the masses. The 1980's produced a vast array of entertainment that blossomed into great and nostalgic franchises. Gremlins, Transformers, G.I. Joe -- the list could on and on. The Nintendo Entertainment System was a huge success in the world of video games for the home. It absolutely dominated that genre and era. Being very well positioned in that decade, it tied in very well with many of the franchise icons of the time. There is a hefty list of NES games inspired and based on movies and cartoons of the 1980's.

What is awesome to see is that some of the most revered NES game franchises have received their due respect with the release of great action figures at last. The best current example of this can be seen with the release of Mega Man action figures over the last couple of years. Mega Man is rightly considered one the best 8 bit era lineage of games. A side scrolling blasting platform game -- it is epic. For a game that had six editions on the 8 bit NES, it never failed to deliver the quality of game play that went along with the name Mega Man. All of the Mega Man games are considered to be in the top 100 NES games of all time. That is saying something.

At Radar Toys we basically tear up at the sight of mint condition copies of the NES games or the action figures. Mega Man is retro, nostalgic, and all kinds of awesome. The action figures are superb. We love the packaging and the style of the figures themselves. While no one will argue that these are the most articulate or detailed figures --- they are clean, with a smooth retro look and true to the original characters. They have a soft sculpting appeal that we think is great and a perfect fit for the style of Mega Man characters. Just look at some of these pictures and see Mega Man glory:

We currently have a small selection and hope that you take a look and then get one on your shelf next to your NES as soon as possible. If you ever played Mega Man games and loved them, here is a great chance to get some retro throwback awesomeness. It's time to get Mega Man where he belongs -- in your collection representing the 8 bit era of greatness.

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