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Majorette F1 200 series, nr 238 chassis

All Majorette F1 cars which come from the so called 200 series are quite similar, yet there are some differences between them. Nr 238 car was designed in early 90’s (1992/1993) and has metal front wing, but plastic rear wing (in other models both wings are made from plastic). Car looks very close to Alfa Romeo 184T from 1985 F1 season, with characteristic hollow in the side pod.

In my collection there are 5 models with this chassis:

  • Car nr 2, Racing, yellow
  • Car nr 8, Benetton Alfa Romeo 184T, dark green (the problem is that real F1 Alfa Romeo sponsored by Benetton never had nr 8 -it had, depending on the year nr 19 and 20 or 22 and 23)
  • Car nr 12, Tictel (with Shell trademark), yellow
  • Car nr 41, Rallye, light blue (colour reminding a bit Osella FA1G model)
  • Car nr 62, Hot Winner, light green (this one, together with nr 41 above were the first F1 models in my collection, dating back to 80’s. Now You know where the name of this blog comes from…)


Majorette F1 200 series, nr 232 chassis

This model is similar to the nr 238 car described earlier. The differences are: front wing made from plastic, not metal, flat side pods, smoother, more aerodynamic engine cover behind the driver (without the step which is there for chassis nr 238) and a longer, cone-shaped nose.

Car looks almost exactly like F1 Ferrari F186 from 1986.

In terms of performance, all Majorette cars are much lighter than Hot Wheels cars, therefore are usually slower in any drag-race competition. On the other hand those cars are wider, so they dont get turned around easily. Between particular majorette chassis, there is almost no difference performance-wise, so when racing form the ramp, often several cars reach the same distance and stop in the same place, so it is hard to determine which one is closer.

There are 6 cars in my collection with this chassis:

  • Car nr 1, Fiat Agip Ferrari, red (evidently a model of real Ferrari car from 86 F1 season, however back then Ferrari cars raced with nr 27 and 28. So maybe this is a more recent 1990 model of Ferrari 641? Alain Prost was driving car nr 1 then…)
  • Car nr 1, Master, red – identical to above, only with different sponsor labels
  • Car nr 3, Winn, silver with black wings (painted almost identically like McLaren MP4/15 from 2000, sponsor name West was replaced with Winn and Mobil 1 with Motor 1)
  • Car nr 18, BCR, green with black wings
  • Car nr 22, Pilot, dark blue with black wings (painted almost exactly like Prost AP04 F1 can from 2001 season, Prost was replaced with Pilot)
  • Car nr 35, Antocel, green with red wings


Majorette F1 200 series, nr 213 chassis

The third type of Majorette F1 car chassis, slightly different to the other two. This construction seems to be lighter with smaller and thinner side pods, differently designed plastic front wing, lower position of the driver and slender engine cover.

Its hard to decide on which car did Majorette base this chassis design, but looks very similar to Lotus 101 or Tyrrell 017B from 89′ F1 season.

In my collection there are 2 cars with this chassis:

  • Car nr 3, Champion, purple
  • Car nr 11, Track King, yellow



jclevering on December 15, 2015


If you look at the graphics of the #232 "Car nr 22, Pilot, dark blue with black wings" you might notice an canning similarity to the last Prost in F1 in the early 2000s.
antonioradondo on June 29, 2016


You are right, the graphics is basically the same, simply Prost was replaced with Pilot... Good catch!
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