Mad Max and Road Warrior Interceptors Completed

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By Craig Mueller

I just finished 2 versions of Max's Interceptors from his first 2 movies. I have added on to the first car that I recently posted (Mad Max version) and completed the post-apocalyptic Road Warrior version as well. Both are made from the Scooby Do 5-packs mentioned in the other post.

On Mad Max version, I removed the tampos, changed the wheels, raised the rear end, filled in the front end, ground off the rear round bumps, added the upper spoiler (donated from a NASCAR), added a gas cap, detailed the painted the chassis and pipes, added headlight and side emblem decals, rebuilt and detailed the engine, built and added traction bars, painted on rear lights, and clear-coated the body and glass.

The decals were due to the generosity and talent of Joe Johnson. Thanks Joe!!!!

On the Road Warrior version, I did all the same stuff except side decals and clear coat. In addition to the above, I cut out the trunk and spoiler, cut off the front lower spoiler (like movie), stripped the car, added an interior, cut out and changed seat for his dog, added dog, added Max behind the wheel, built rear fuel tanks, made new windshield and rear side windows, created wiper blade pattern on windshield, primered and painted car flat black, dull coated the car, added Max's knife under rear right side, and road weathered the whole car.

Both engines are the originals. I filed and filled the blowers to the correct shape, cut off the rear engine section, added the fan belt and wheel from auto pinstriping and electric wire and casing, added the correct lines under blower with thin wire, and painted the whole thing.

The tanks were scratch built from wood doll rod type material (those things that hold furniture together and look like long ridged pills). I added the tank caps and gages with nails. I banded them together with thin wire that I hammered flat. After securing, I added the horizontal section that separates the window and truck sections. The tanks are attached to the body, not the chassis. This allows me to still separate the car if necessary. I have a flat plate under them which is attached to the body.

The cutting was all Dremel. The glass is courtesy of a JL blister. I got the wiper effect by masking with painters tape in the wiper pattern and spraying the dull coat. It "dirtied" up the windows and when I took off the tape, I had the pattern.

I did the weathering with chalk. I was fortunate to have a friend who does dioramas of buildings in HO and he told me about the chalk. I was told of kits and acrylic paints, but I chose the chalk because it gave good control. I could start slow. I used about 3 colors. I had painted the wheels and tires flat black and dull coated literally the entire car for good chalk adherence (advice from my friend). I also had tested many of these things of donor cars first!

The gas cap was a ground down nail head. Spoilers were JB welded. The dog is hobby HO and the Max, behind the wheel, is a donated F1 driver. The traction bars are from braided wire hammered flat with cross pieces added (also wire). You can tell I used whatever was laying around!

The standing Max (Road warrior version) is a cheap toy soldier that I carved up with an exacto. I sliced down his rifle to a double barrel, and cut off his helmet, pockets, gear, sleeve, and base(helped to shorten him like Max! I then added his metal leg brace from wire and painted him. Ho people were too small, and he is a bit big. I found out there is an "S" gage that has people about 1/64th, but could not find a suitable donor. Good enough I guess.

This was a blast because it is the first time I did custom work (Dremel etc) and everything was learned as I went. I learned a lot, and it was very addicting. I also spent much time on the internet referencing photos from Mad Max sites. I will hold off for a while now on these time consuming projects for some "damage control" to maintain my marriage!

Craig Mueller can be contacted at: [email protected]

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