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With this issue, TofTC has featured over 500 stories about toy cars. Since Fall of 1998, the many thousand words and images published in this Webzine, have touched on a wide variety of topics relating to small-scale diecast cars. The many contributing writers have provided extensive and detailed reviews of automotive marques, models, diecast manufacturers. 

We have averaged about 100 stories per year. Each story averages 300 words and 15 images. Since 1998, that makes over 7,500 images and 150,000 words. Here are some additional statistics:


For the full year 2003 

Visitors to the site - 433,815
Pages loaded - 829,909
Files loaded - 6.5 million
Hits - 7.1 million
Year-to-date 2004 (nine months)

6.1 million
6.9 million
Since 1998 (approx.)

2 million
4 million
30 million
35 million
The site is currently averaging 1,500 visitors per day. A Google search on "Tales of Toy Cars" shows 711 matches with hundreds of sites carrying links to the Webzine. A search for any diecast manufacturer often brings up TofTC near the top of the list. Even searches by car make or model often direct one to TofTC. All these statistics never cease to amaze and humble me.

Considering what has been done to date, it might be fair too ask if TofTC is running out of material? The answer is that we have only started to cover the subject. Even after almost 20 years of collecting, I keep hearing about previously unknown manufacturers. Be honest, how many had heard of 'Winner' before reading this issue. While TofTC may have been the first to provide pictorial histories of manufacturers like Yat Ming, Norev and Penny/Polistil, there are dozens more to do. From AUTOart to Summer, Mini-Dinky to Jada, we cover them all. Many readers have commented that they have broadened the manufacturers they collect as a result of stories in TofTC.

There are some things that TofTC has not done. We have never charged a fee for access. We have never missed a monthly issue (although it has been close). We have also never made any money, a point my wife raises on occasion. I have received an occasional toy car gift from appreciative readers and samples of new products sometimes arrive but that is about the extent of compensation. The real reward has been the sense of community that TofTC has built. Your support and enthusiasm are the best evidence of our success.

Have we had an impact on the toy car hobby? I don't know of a way to measure that but I expect that we have. I do know that representatives of manufacturers read TofTC. If they are more aware of the models of Playart, Impy or Speedy, perhaps they will better understand the contributions of those who built the toy car industry into what it is today. The success and failures of different manufacturers over the past 50 years have many lessons for today. The steady pace of Tomica and Siku, the re-birth of Norev or the amazing ups and downs of Matchbox, continue to provide valuable lessons for the industry. 

I'm not sure where we will go from here. For now, I'm just taking it one issue at a time.

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