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Look out Tomica, Kyosho and Charawheels, a new small-scale manufacturer from Japan is bringing you some serious competition. If you are not aware of Konami, it's time to take notice. After seeing images of these classic Japanese cars in 1:64 scale, I put in my order for the third release. After it arrived, I was not disappointed. My only regret is that I missed the two earlier releases.

The level of quality is equal to that of Kyosho or Tomica Limited models. The cost is much lower. At just over $3 each, these are a bargain. The only catch is that to get this price it is necessary to order a box of ten. All six models of the series are represented with four models arriving in two different colors. These can be ordered online from Hobby Japan.

Konami is focusing on Japanese cars from the 1960's and 1970's. This is a smart move as many of these models have seldom or never been done in small-scale. While Tomica has offered the Honda S800, Konami offers the S600 model of 1964. The quality is as good as any in this scale and the scale is exact at 1:64. Add in correct wheels and production paint colors, plastic lights and rubber tires and these models put many competitors to shame. Whatever Konami offers next, I won't miss it. Now I just need to find examples of the first twelve models I missed.

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