Kleeware in pictures

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I wanted to share with you a couple of pictures of Kleeware that I have gathered over the years. 

First some advertisement:


Kleeware also produced plastic models:


These are some pictures of the actual Kleeware products. My favourite one was the nursery and I often wondered if it was based on the Quinns of Canada.



I do not own any items now - I met (I believe) Mr. Kleeman on Sandown Park Fair, and sold my collection to him. I have found his story on the internet, it contains more information than he told me on the fair. 



In the end, Kleeware was sold to its major competitor, Rosedale.


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Baskingshark on March 26, 2010


Fantastic items! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure I've seen one of those little plastic army trucks before soemwhere.
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