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I've never been good at writing about things, so hopefully this won't be a babbly mess!

At the moment I'm currently listing all my toys onto my site,, which is going to take ages, but worth it. The site has had a lot of changes so far, as I get bored easily, but hopefully I'll settle on one design.

If anyone collects these, check out my 'to trade' list, I have plenty of kinders on there I wish to trade. When I get round to making a new link thing, I also have a couple of tazos and a lot of McDonalds toys I need to get rid of.

Two sets I'm trying to collect at the moment are three totem figures from the K98 series (I have a hedghog/wizard, which I've had since I was a child, it's my favourite) and there's a mole mission set, which comes in five pieces and when joined together makes a perfect circle.

What does everyone else collect?

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