July 2011 Toy Auction Report

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Pedal Car Collection
Some of the biggest toys we've had to deal with stole the show this month - a selection of old child's pedal cars from a deceased estate in London, from which we have been selling thousands of items over the last few months.
Most of the pedal cars were crying out for restoration in the form of paintwork and spare parts! Even so, the collection totalled over £6000.

The highest priced lot of the sale was lot 706, one of the examples needing the least restoration - just a seat and a few minor accessories. A live internet bidder snapped it up for £1100 + Buyers Premium

A private seller who had heard about the sale thought it would be a good opportunity to sell his fully restored Austin J40 pedal car - complete with chauffer in the form of a teddy bear!
This made £1000 + Buyers Premium.

French Dinky Toys
A vendor from Bath who sold his childhood collection of Dinky toys with us back in 2010 came to visit us again after finding a few more models in the loft! Amongst the selection of English cars (which were generally in lovely condition) were 3 immaculate French Dinky toys, although he couldn't remember how they had come to be in his possesion! These 3 cars netted him a cool £1240 before commission - more than the hammer price of all his other 21 models put together - with the rare Auto Union model acheiving £800 + Buyers Premium.


Sale summary
90% of the lots were sold at this sale.
The full results list as an Adobe PDF file can be found here:
By Chris Aston

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