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It's not every day I need to add a Car Manufacturer's name to my database, to add one from the country I was born in is even rarer. But here it is anyway:


This is a road sweeper made by Ravo, a Dutch company. It's the first scale model I know of that represents this make. The scale model road sweeper is a so-called 5-series.

The box states "Made by Ravo", but according to the Namac it is manufactured by Kaster, a German company. Further inspection shows the probability of this, as the company also makes scale models for Bomag. Both Bomag and Ravo have the same parent; the Fayat group.

The scale model is pretty accurate and has moving brushes (note: actual brushes) and the carriare that holds the brushes can move as well. It comes in a nice box and is priced € 29,95 and can be ordered at

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