How many Toy Collectors are there Worldwide?

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Here is our own estimate

Source: Estimate (collectors might collect more than one subject in which case their first choice of subject was counted)

I would love to hear from you if you think we are off the mark.

Tags: Action Figures, Aviation, Bears and Soft Toys, Boats and Ships, Vehicles, Construction , Dolls, Figures and Toy Soldiers, Games and Puzzles, Kits, Other Stuff, Props Costumes and Weapons, Robots, Slot Cars, Trains

LaToya on September 04, 2008

We would be happy with less than a 100 active members

Every site I know has a small number rof very active members. We are only three months from Launch (June, July and August); so are happy with that. I feel I have answered your other questions (the scope is indeed big, that's the way we like it; the site is owned by the team and the source is our Estimate).

Please give us a year to build it and get to 50,000 members (with maybe 2,000 active ones)

dinkycollect on September 04, 2008


I have asked four questions but have had only one answer so far.

Good question diecastcollector.
diecastcollector on September 04, 2008

It might be over 750

You may well have 750 members but how many of these are actually active.
It is quite possibly less than a 100.
LaToya on September 04, 2008

Source of Data and other Matters

The source of the data is our own research (as it states). We now have 750 members (you can verify the number in Members). I am sorry that you do not like the scope of the site but we have now about 5,000 member contributions (blog entries, forum posts, videos, commments etc.). You can check for information on the site by looking at the About Us page, the site is owned by the team.

Please help us to achieve those lofty goals.

dinkycollect on September 04, 2008


20 new members, I do not think so. 20 new people visited this site for the first time but will at least one come again to this mess.

The scope of this site is ridiculously huge and just covers too much.

How did you get those figures at the top of this page ? Is that source yourself.

Who or which company is backing this site financialy ? Where does the money come from ? These are the real questions !
Joschik on July 01, 2008

We'll work on it

RE the six clicks I recommend to bookmark the 'Ad & Manage Blog', re other issues please post on the Forum for this site (quite at the bottom), we love to hear your comments and as specific wishes as possible.
jclevering on July 01, 2008


Let them first concentrate on what we want and how we get there? I need t click 6 times to start blogging, and I have little make-up options on the layot of site.
Fitzpimlico on July 01, 2008

they are working on making the site more context aware

What I mean by that is that they are working on a way to show you more appropriate context starting from the homepage, you like Toy Soldiers (liek I do), that's what they will show you. I understand from the team that this is ready sometimes in the summer.
jclevering on July 01, 2008


I know loads of people who definetly collect more then one brand. The site is a bit difficult though!
dinkycollect on June 30, 2008


This site is still a mess. A blog for cars ! which cars. Many collectors are interested in one or two brands only. Why not have different blogs for each make and one for "cars general"
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