How big are Toy Fairs in the UK?

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We have run some numbers and estimate the annual spend on UK toy fairs to be between £25-40 million.

Please let me know if you have views and if you agree with us that we now have an equilibrium between toy fairs and buying online. Toy Fairs are good for the hobby; you get out of the house, meet fellow collectors and see other subjects (but then you could do that here on our site ;-).


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Joschik on June 14, 2008

A German link to good events over there lists about 40 high quality events in Germany
LaToya on June 11, 2008


Are you Canadian? What are the big events over there (ro our marketing folks)?
Major.Matt on June 11, 2008

In North America Too?

There are some big fairs in Canada and the USA too. It would be interesting to know how they fare, by comparison.
Joschik on June 10, 2008

The Continent

Is that true, I though there were some very large fairs even in Holland. Anybody else from the Continent with views?
RemiLKM on June 10, 2008


Sounds big, nothing like it over here. Biggest is Toymania and maybe the even in New Orleans.

I am envious!
Fitzpimlico on June 07, 2008

Some questions

No fair I know in the UK has 650 tables; also the average of 75 for the small fairs sounds high to me. On the other hand the takings of £250- £500 sounds low.

So maybe overall as a good a number as any?
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