Hot Wheels Original and Retro Rods

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Silhouette (1967)

The original Silhouette is a simple wedge-shaped, bubble-top 2-seater with a V6 motor. The square wheel cut-outs are distinctive.


Silhouette II (1993)

The Silhouette carries over the 2-seater, bubble-top configuration with square wheel cut-outs. The motor is now 8 cylinders.

Twin Mill (1969)

With twin V8 motors and a shark-nose a la Corvette, the Twin Mill was a favorite early Hot Wheel model. Rear visibility was non-existent.


Some of the earliest Hot Wheel models represented wild custom cars with futuristic features. These models were either actual custom cars or models from the drawing-boards of Mattel designers. The Deora and Silhouette were real while the Whip Creamer was pure fantasy. The Twin Mill was actually re-created to match the Hot Wheels model! With their spectra-flame colors and vintage red-line tires, these models have a classic Hot Wheels look that looks great. In 1992 for the 25th anniversary of Hot Wheels, a special Collector Edition series of models were offered in packaging that looked like the originals of 1968. They featured eight early Hot Wheel models and even collector buttons. Complete with red-line tires and mag wheels, these models were a close match for the originals although the bases were stamped a anniversary editions. The following year, a second series, now called Vintage Collection, offered 8 more models. Most of the original models shown below are from these two anniversary series as they are in much better condition than my actual originals. The Sweet 16 was not included in the 1992-93 re-issues but was more recently offered in the regular line and is shown below in black with flames. i do not have an original.


Twin Mill II (1993)

The Twin Mill II added a rear window and the motors could be two four or eight cylinder engines. Smoked windows still show no interior.

Splittin' Image (1968)

The twin-boom design gives no hint of which side carries the driver. The super-charger V8 carries long central exhaust in between the cabins.

Shortly after the anniversary series models, Hot Wheels began to offer modern versions of their classic customs, using the same name and a 'II' to indicate the connection. The Silhouette and Twin Mill II were the first, followed the next year by the Splittin' Image II. Three years later, the Sweet 16 II arrived but carried little of the original model outside of the number of cylinders. The Deora II followed in two more years and most recently, the Whip Creamer II has been offered. Most of these retro-customs are larger and less detailed than the originals. The more recent re-creations are the best with full interiors and more style.


Splittin' Image II (1994)

The cabins are still separated and the V8 is still super-charged. Side trumpets must be for carburation as the exhaust still splits the cabins.


Sweet 16 (1970)

The Sweet 16 has a Mercedes SSK-like grill, opening trunk and aero-screens. The huge V16 looks like an aircraft engine. (re-issued model)


Sweet 16 II (1997)

The Sweet 16 II shares little with the original except V16 power. The waspish body has a single drivers door on the closed cockpit.

Deora (1967)

Based on a Dodge pick-up, the Deora was a real vehicle. The twin surf-boards give it a California look. Power was likely a Dodge slant-six.


Deora II (1999)

The Deora II still has the surf-boards but the transverse mounted, rear-engine V8 would make for interesting cornering.

Whip Creamer (1969)

The Whip Creamer has a rear turbine that turns when blown on. The rake of the front windshield is as severe as possible.


Whip Creamer II (2002)

The Whip Creamer II is much like the original with a blowable turbine and horizontal cabin. It even shares side air vents and a split front grill.



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