Hot Wheels - McDonalds chassis

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McDonalds chassis

This car comes from the Happy Meal lunch box. The design is a bit futuristic, yet still I count it as a F1-like single-seater car. The most interesting parts are the 4 big airboxes situated behind the driver – looks like the McDo’s engine requires huge cooling…

The car is the only one without a driver from my HotWheels collection. It is made from metal and plastic, as other cars, but is a bit bigger in lenght (but not heavier). Its wheels are a bit more loose than in other cars, so its a bit more unpredictable and often turns slightly left.

In my collection there is 1 car with this chassis:

  • Car nr 18 (added myself), no sponsor, yellow (the closest real racing car to this one seems to be F1 Jordan EJ15 from 2005 driven by Tiago Monteiro, hence nr 18)



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