Hot Wheels - Indycar oval course 2011 chassis

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Indycar oval course 2011 chassis

This design is based on the standard Indycar race car used in 2011 IZOD Indycar series.

It looks less complicated in comparison to designs based on Formula 1 cars, it lacks any sophisticated aerodynamic features. Its also has a higher suspension than cars mentioend earlier and therefore generates less downforce. On the other hand, car floor is very smooth so it drives through the kerbs nicely.

In my collection there are 2 cars with this chassis:

  • Car nr 11, IZOD, purple metallic with orange driver
  • Car nr 12 (added myself), Hotwheels, black with flames and red driver (the closest real car to this livery seems to be Will Power’s car from 2010, hence nr 12)



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