Hot Wheels - GP 2009 chassis

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GP 2009 chassis

This model was designed by Michael Kolins and was released first in 1999. I am pretty sure it was based on the F1 cars from that era, even though it looks a bit differently. There were first some models at least painted as the real F1 cars from 1999, but then in 2009 the driver was added, livery changed to random and model received an unfortunate code GP 2009, which gives a misleading impression that car was based on GP2 cars from 2009 season.

The car itself combines the simplicity of design of Indycar chassis with the unfortunate stair-like floor of the F1 2007 chassis. So in the end the model is fast and heavy, but may struggle on the more bumpy surface.

In my collection there is 1 car with this chassis:

  • Car nr 9, Scott, dark green metallic (it reminds a bit of the F1 Jaguar R1 model from season 2000 driven by Johnny Herbert, but it was with nr 8, not 9)



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