Hot Wheels - F1 racer chassis

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F1 racer chassis

Available in Hot Wheels series from 2013. Designed by Fraser Campbell, the car is based probably on 2012 Lotus Exos T125 Concept car, which was constructed to imitate real F1 car, only with a detuned engine and cost.

Car is made from metal and plastic, is quite heavy and generally fast. Frontal area is small and ride height is very low, which makes the car aerodynamically effective. Chassis floor is quite smooth, so the car deals pretty good with small bumps on the road.

In my collection there are 6 cars with this chassis:

  • Car nr 1, LWC Racing (Holst, Waldron), red with white driver
  • Car nr 1, LWC Racing (Holst, Waldron), turquoise metallic with yellow driver
  • Car nr 8, HotWheels, yellow with red driver
  • Car nr 8, Hotwheels, blue metallic with red driver
  • Car nr 6, gold metallic with red driver
  • Car nr 68, black metallic with orange driver



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