Hot Wheels Elite Knight Rider KITT, Dark Knight Bat Bike & Ghosbusters 2 ECTO-1

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New from Mattel's Hot Wheels Elite ranges come more classic TV/Movie vehicles (seen here in prototype form) in the shape of the Knight Industries Two Thousand (better known as KITT) from Knight Rider, The Dark Knight Bat Bike and the Ghostbusters 2 ECTO-1...

They're also doing KITT in 1/43:

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LaToya on February 03, 2012


It seems that they're doing them in the 1/18 and 1/43 ranges and the 1/64 mainline. There may be 100% versions too.
jclevering on February 02, 2012


Any idea if they will do it in their smaller range "100% Hot Wheels"too?
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