Fly slot cars are coming back again.....

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The same story once more Fly slot cars are coming back, we have heard that they have secured further investment and they are set to release 7 cars in the not so distant future.

There are some old and new shapes that are set for release. We are sorry but we cannot get the images from the details that we were given, as we cannot get the images from the file.

But the cars that are set for release are

Grande Punto in two rally liveries

Porsche 911S

Porsche 908/2 1969

Williams FW07 (new livery)

Ferrari 250LM (great looking car)

Lotus 78 GP 1977 (Going to be very popular)

Overall the releases do look excellent and we hope that they will allow Fly to continue to produce more exotic cars that other manufactures will not make.

We were disappointed in their last releases due to the poor quality of their construction and we hope that the new cars are an improvement.

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