Fiat 1500 Coupe from Argentina

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Helo all of you!!

in this time we present a Fiat 1500 coupe produced in Argentina. The real car was made by Fiat concord Argentina Co. producin 5224 units of this fabulous sports car. Its a revolutionary car for its time in the country, many times winner of sports competitions in is category called Anexo J of the regulation Fia, competing against the famous Peugeot 404, and the DKW cars.
The miniature that we present here‚  ‚   is the reply of the car that Carlos Reutemann was traversing in the "Gran Premio Argentino" of 1968, this one is completely‚   handmade on‚   a auto body thermoformed and with chassis and handcrafted interiors, and rubbers wheels .

I wait you enjoy it
greats regards!!

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MARCELATOYS on June 15, 2010


Hello GunnerJim, this car realy exist in Argentina, it was An Argentina devepopment of the Lancia 1300, 1965, nowadays is a very important collection car, and very apreciated, The model we present is inspirated in a original model produced by RyM C.o., born in 1963, they recreated this car in 1/33 scale, in hard plastic, but actually is very dificult to find one of them. thanks for your comment and dont forget to visit my web site, there you will find a lot of Argentina vintage toys, Greats regards!!
GunnerJim on June 15, 2010

1968 Fiat 1500.

Was this a one of model or was there more hand made models made. Very nice to read about toys or models from all over the world.
Baskingshark on June 14, 2010


Fantastic unusual model! I never saw this car before!
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