Fantastic Toy Sale in Derby on the 17th Feb

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At Bamfords we are holding a toy sale next week with all pictures on flickr and our web site. ‚  Looking forward to showing you what we have on offer.


Corgi Toys Major gift set No 1 "Carrimore" car transporter, missing cars, boxed - ‚ £80-120

A 1960's Lego system set, boxed; Lego system bricks 219, boxed; Lego system bricks 281, boxed; Lego Supplementary set 837, boxed etc (incomplete) - ‚ £30-50

Britains Royal Marines, set No 5289, Limited edition 220/7000, boxed - ‚ £40-60

A German tinplate clockwork model of a monkey riding a tricycle, early 20th century, with key, marked
'D.R Patent ANG D.R.G.M Made in Germany U.S Zone',
10cm high - ‚ £150-250

Dinky Supertoys 956 Turntable Fire Escape, boxed - ‚ £60-80

Meccano Gears Outfit 'B', boxed; Meccano Acecessory outfit No 4A, boxed and a Meccano model 4 outfit, boxed.

A Heaubach Kopplesdorf Bisque head and cloth filled body doll, impressed marks 275.14, sleeping blue glass eyes, brown wig and partly open mouth, 31cm tall.
(Faults) - ‚ £30-50


For more pictures, please click here.

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Baskingshark on February 12, 2010


Great looking sale, there's one item I really want to bid on - are you able to post items?
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