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Every so often two toy cars from different manufacturers just seem to form a perfect pair. The two shown here are Zee Toy's De Lorean DMC-12 and the Tapiro show car, based on Porsche 914 mechanicals. Both were designed by Giorgetto Guigiaro of ItalDesign. 

The Tapiro is made by a Hong Kong company of unknown name and represents a car not done in small-scale by any other manufacturer. The base reads VW-Porsche. It is a reasonable model of the Tapiro with functioning gullwing doors and correct interior. The Zee Toy De Lorean is also unique as the only small-scale stock version of this ill-fated model. Again the gullwing doors work and the Zee wheels are actually a close copy of the De Lorean wheels.

Wings extended - the De Lorean and Tapiro are ready for flight.

From the back, the Tapiro styling clearly influenced the De Lorean.

The De Lorean is a difficult Zee Toy to find today.

It's a shame the Tapiro manufacturer is unknown, can anyone help?

When the two cars are put side-by-side, the origins of the De Lorean design are easily seen. The Guigiaro family actually used the one-off Tapiro as a driver and Fabrizio Guigiaro, son of Giorgetto and current head of ItalDesign styling, says "The Tapiro was the starting point of my informal schooling in automotive design." The Tapiro was unfortunately destroyed in a terrorist bombing many years ago.

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