Eddie Stobart 40th Anniversary 1970 - 2010

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by Geoff Milne

Corgi Collector Club members may recall a short series of features on this iconic haulage company, spread over four editions of the Club magazine in 2007. To coincide with the company's 40th Anniversary celebrations this year - and especially in view of the release of the Corgi Commemorative Set, I thought it might be an appropriate time to delve into my photographic archives once again.

Avid followers of the current Stobart fleet would perhaps agree that there is a certain ‘sameness' on the appearance of the vehicles, largely due to the standardised application of the livery ‘wrap'. The limited range of make and model of vehicles operated is also somewhat restrictive in allowing much scope for variation. The positive side to this, of course, is maintenance of the all-important corporate identity. But go back a few years to the days of painting and signwriting and it's quite a different story.

When I began the research for the Anniversary Set on behalf of Stobart and Corgi, I was also reminded of how much variation there used to be, both in the type of vehicle operated and in the way in which they were liveried. The images accompanying this feature have been selected to illustrate this very point and, whilst not exhaustive, I hope they will prove to be of interest to the Stobart enthusiasts amongst the Corgi Collector Club membership. Naturally, I have included the photographs of the older vehicles, which it was planned to feature in the Anniversary Set.

Space does not permit the details of all the other vehicles featured in the photographs to be recorded here but a few general observations on this bygone era may be informative. Scanias operated over the years included the III with both day and sleeper cab variants, the P-cab 82 and 92 models, including Drawbar variants and the 112 and 113 Streamline before the 4 series and R series became dominant. Volvos included the F10, FL7, FL10 in both 4 x 2 and 6 x 2 format, FL6 and FL7 Drawbars and even an F12 Eurotrotter Drawbar unit. Then came the legendary FH12.

Ivecos were to feature in greater numbers later but in the late 1980s, a handful of Turbostars were operated. DAFs were always much in evidence, particularly the 2800 model as a 4 x 2 and 6 x 2 but others to be found included the 2300, 2500, 2700 and 3600 before the 85 and then the 95 in artic and drawbar forms appeared, followed by the XF. At the lighter end, there were a number of Ford Cargo artics and Drawbar outfits. Most models of Seddon-Atkinson were operated, especially the Strato. This truck in particular is a good example of how much variation there could be. There were day cabs and sleeper cabs, some with slipstreamers (roof air-deflectors), some without slipstreamers and high cab stratocruisers, as per the proposed model. Some had the Stobart script lettering, some the block capitals and others the flying arrow motif.

The current livery is so different from anything illustrated here that I can't imagine what it will be like in another 40 years - but somehow, I don't think I'll be around to see it!

CC99202 Stobart 40th Anniversary 4 Piece Set

• Scania III - PHH 230R - ‘Heidi'

• Atkinson Border -
KSC 999N

• Scania 113 Streamline -
N170 WAO - ‘Emma Jane'. Stobarts themselves have provided the reference for the current Volvo.

• Volvo FH Facelift -
‘Riley Celyn'



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