Dinky Toys 235 HWM Formula 1 Racing Car

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Dinky Toys 235 HWM Racing Car

Above we have a gorgeous 235 HWM Formula 1 Racing Car in its original box. The model was one of the '230 series' cars, amongst which Ferrari and Maserati models featured. The HWM was originally released with the reference 23J and featured in the number 4 racing car gift set. After the renumbering of most dinky lines took place, this gift set was given the revised reference of 249 and contained newly referenced cars. The model was illustrated in the September 1955 issue of Meccano Magazine, and was retailed at 2/6.

The history behind the real car upon which the model was based, is that it was named after the Hersham and Walton Motors Formula 1 Team, based in Walton-Upon-Thames in the UK. The team used Jaguar engines and were best known for their F1 involvement between 1951 and 1955. After the death of one of the founders in 1956 (during a race in Italy), his co-founder discontinued the F1 team shortly after. Surprisingly however, the company does still exist today as an Audi and Aston Martin dealership.


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