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I have been working on the cabs for the Dinky 25v Bedford Refuse truck. This cab was used for a number of different models and I have discovered, I am sure not for the first time, that there are some significant casting changes. Mostly in the rear section. The front end is different where the bumper ends. Look at the photos and you will see what I mean.



Also there are some extensions to the base support ribs in the later casting. Also the stubs at the wheel axle points where they enter the chassis are thicker and stronger. The gas tank has the top filled in flush with the frame too on the later model. There are a few more differences. See if you can pick them out.

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Even the front windows are different. Last Picture shows the difference in the front bumter/fender configuration.

As you can see the Tan cab has small struts to the front bumper where the Blue one has no struts and the Green one has taller or larger struts. Interesting.



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Nobleco on January 13, 2010

More comparisons

Yes and no. Yes it is a repaint of the tan version but the center one is also originally tan and the left one was Blue originally. The two tan originals have different gas tanks, rear wheel bumpers, body to bumper detail. The center tan one is more like the left blue one than it is the right green one which was tan originally. Am I making sense to anyone yet? It was also the center tan one that had the medium or lower front struts where the Right Green one has taller or higher ones.
I am still looking for more information on the variations of this cab. This is getting very interesting.
RVREVO on January 13, 2010

ok then...

the green one is a repaint of the tan version.

comparing the two tan versions I figure the early one is the green repaint, the real tan was an attempt to improve and the blue one was the last improvement overall.
Nobleco on January 10, 2010

Another Cab for Comparison

You got me thinking so I dug out the third bare cab I have. There is also a difference in its front struts, it has smaller struts than the green one. So we have three variations now. One with no struts, one with small struts and one with large struts. The Tan cab is the one I am talking about and you can see the rest is pretty much the same as the the Blue cab. Interesting little exercise here.

GunnerJim on January 10, 2010

Pullmore Vs Orange Tipper

The Pullmore transporter that I have repainted and have shown on Toy Collector looks like the same as the Green one shown in your pictures Jim.

Has flush fuel tank, gusset support member brace under front fender axle mount extending to the front.

No beefing of the lifting slot area rear of cab and has the same contours on the outer chassis member as the green one shown in your pictures.

Front fender extends to the bottom of the bumper bar.

Now the orange Bedford Tipper I have has no extended gusset brace under the fender as the green one.

Has a lower fuel tank with straps on-top of it the same as the blue one in your picture.

Same contours on the outer chassis member as in the green picture with no beefing of the lifting slot area.

The front fenders continue to the bottom of the bumper bar.

The window height from the outside A pillar front is about 9.9 mm give and take a few thousand on a mm on both trucks.

I think you are on the right track Jim by suggesting that during the length of time this model was in production, there would have been some modifications in strengthening the body in the likely stress areas. I have noticed this with Matchbox and is also stated in one of the books explaining some of the engineering changes that have occurred during the life of the model. Either for strengthening or improving the die mould for the flow of the metal when being poured. It would be interesting to see a few models stripped down and showing the comparisons which you have done with these two castings being depicted for the Pullmore and the Garbage truck. Thanks for sharing this knowledge extra knowledge.
Nobleco on January 10, 2010

Thanks for the confirmation

I had though the were built for two different models. I know one comes from the Pullmore car transporter and the other comes from a refuse truck. They were used on a number of different models with and with out lifting mechanisms
. Some different from others. This may explain the casting changes, to beef it up for the lifters.Jim
GunnerJim on January 08, 2010

Engineering changes to the second model.

On the Blue model where the grill sits against the flange on the front of the body seems to be wider.

As you have mentioned, the blue model has the bottom of the fenders rounded off and above the bumper line and the green protrudes to the bottom of the bumper.

The green model window line seems to be higher than the blue model. Thus giving the appearance of being skinny in the cab area on the green or the blue one is wider. The only way to see if this is not an optical illusion is to measure the height from the body window wast line to the top of the window surround. That is a bit hard from my end of Cyberspace to do.

The blue one has a thicker member on the outside of the chassis frame for the lifting actuating leaver would go next to the rectangular opening at the back of cab area.

Inside the cab area of the green one, it seems that the middle window pillar is protruding outward into the cab area than the blue one which looks to be flush with the casting inside.

There is no gusset support member under the front fender extended from the axle mount on the blue one compared to the green which is showing such member running towards the front bumper.

The straps on the blue one fuel tank continue up and over the fuel tank, as you have mention the green fuel tank is flush with the outside chassis member. Also the outer member of the chassis on the blue is wider than the green one.

On the opposite side to the fuel tank on the blue one, the hole or slot has been filled in for whatever the original intention was for.

Then again I might be just seeing things again.

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