Corgi Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn & Bentley R Type

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Here's Corgi's Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn and Bentley R Type Convertible - these two are part of the short-lived Classics Range which, as I understand it, came from the re-organised Corgi Company which appeared following the Mettoy bankruptcy in 1983. They are both the same casting, but with different names stamped on the baseplates and different grilles. The Silver Dawn I've had since new - I bought it at a Gamley's Toy Shop in Sussex (which actually closed just about a year ago, sadly), while on holiday when I was at school, probably in the mid-late 80's. The Bentley version I saw at the time too, but had run out of money at that point of the holiday! I found the example pictured at a car boot sale last week. 







Both models feature opening two-piece bonnet and opening boot, plus tilting front seat backs and a fold-down rear seat for boot access from inside the car. Other colour variants were produced - the Bentley also came in all-black with a cream roof and the Rolls in red over black and tan over cream. Interestingly, of all the two-tone variants, only the red/black and silver/black Rolls-Royces have the same colour-split scheme.

The tan/cream car's colours split at the trimline running along the bonnet edges, over the tops of the doors and down the rear deck, so just the top of the car is tan and the whole lower body is cream while - as you can see from the pictures, the two-tone blue car has the lower body colour cover the whole of the mudguards rather than just the insert as on the silver/black and red/black Rolls-Royces. Of all the models, the silver/black Rolls like the one pictured seems to be the hardest to find, although it also seems like they can all be picked up very cheaply for under £10 each (and sometimes under £5 each!)

Made to 1/36 scale like all Corgi cars at that stage (save the '57 Chevy from the Classics range which was 1/43 for some reason!), I think they're both very attractive models indeed and quite under-rated.

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