Corgi & Hot Wheels Kitts

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Now my TV/Movie cars. I always wanted a Knight Rider Kitt in my Collection. I found the two corgis on As you can see the condition they were in. I stripped them & got them primed. I then got the black on with a bit of clear. I then assembled the cars. I then used reflective vynil for the Kitt scanner & got the plates from the net & printed on self adhesive paper, cut & fitted. Also tinted the windows. A friend bought the Hotwheels Shelby Mustang in the black with the stripes, I just added the plates & the scanners. The old Kitts & the New one.

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Baskingshark on June 24, 2010


Cool - there is actually a Corgi Jrs. Firebird that came from the factory in black with a suspiciously-familiar red scanner strip on the front, but no actual marking as a Knight Rider model.
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