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Blogs never do real justice to photos so I'll probably will post some of these photos in the forum.

The new Corgi Classic range sport these really excellent crystal cases with a simple inser card to secure the model on. To further protect the models during 'stacking' molded plastic formed around the roof and a polistyrene bit cushion and protect the vehicle just in case the crystal flexes or breaks.

I figure that Corgi is at last catering for the needs of serios collectors rather than the 'loose-in-the-box' concept of practices less than a decade ago.

This one has a Certificate and is 2901/7400. The actual designated number of the Land Rover in general is #07403.

It also has the 'free information pack' card that as a kid I always sent in but having sobered and matured am a bit more skeptical about. An email link for international collectors would be better served.

This be the AA Road Service Land Rover. Although really cool I don't really recall if the AA ever used Land Rover's in their fleet. I suppose its possible as this model is representative of one. The model has a bright yellow colour with a partial black front fender each side. The roof is also painted entirely black (although not masked properly). Decals have the two classic 'AA' emblems on the front fenders. Its an odd place which normally would be found on the doors. Further there are decals on the canopy 'Road AA Service', the rear hatch which also has a large Land Rover emblem of the modern Land Rover and a license plate, and the roof sign (which should be a light bar).

The wheels are black so the Panda effect is real classic.

However, certain details could be better. The canopy can be removed and it would've been nice to see some tools and cabinets in there. My Dad used to work for AA-NZ and the ANWB (NL) for a number of years. One of the things these companies had in common was that their fleet consisted of cheap runabout vans or motorcycles with sidecars. One of the coolest things I noted as a kid was the amber lights, spotties and large aerials on the roof of the cars.

Land Rovers were four wheel drive and rarely used on motorway patrols. An array of tools is what they had on board in the early days. Nowaday client cars just get towed for a flat tire. In the early days one had to be a first class mechanic to fix cars on the spot. Nowadays anyone with a little knowledge can apply for the AA. You don't need to be able to fix cars anymore on the roadside. The face of the AA Roadservice has changed dramatically to more clerical accountability. The AA only exists because of the annual fee the members pay for onroad service.

Although this model wants to represent the AA as a Classic model in their fleet it is the wrong model. A quick google search depicts a Shortwheelbase soft-top Land-Rover from the '50s. Unlike the '60s Longwheelbase. Also, the actual car is very Spartan with basic doors without windows. At least in Holland they drove the fully enclosed Citroen 2CV vans and Renault 4. In New Zealand and Australia the AA drove the HQ Holden Kingswood.

There is a scale model made of the actual Spartan AA Land Rover. And ironically... Corgi made it. This one would've been enough and more true to form.

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