Corgi 235 Oldsmobile Super 88

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Introduced in 1962 ands #235 in the range, Corgi's Oldsmobile Super 88 had suspension like all Corgis by that point, but no other special features. It proved a useful casting, however, as it spawned a Sheriff's car version with a light on the roof before being withdrawn from the range in 1966 and having the casting converted into the UNCLE car. 




Two colour variants were made - light blue with a white side flash and steel blue with white side flash. My example is in the latter finish and was a very lucky find at a bootsale/junk market some 18-odd years ago when it cost me just £1.00 - which was quite a boost to my then-just-starting vintage toy car collection - especially given that I was buying with my pocket money at that point and eBay and the internet hadn't been invented! It's not mint, but it is in pretty exellent shape and finding it so cheap so early on in my serious collecting has made it one of my favourites.

You can find this model on ToyPedia here.

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Baskingshark on June 07, 2010


Glad you enjoyed it! This was bought at a bootsale that used to be held in an old bus garage that was actually just down the road from where I live now. It was very big and always good fun. Sadly, the building was torn down a few years later and is now a car park for a supermarket. I was very pleased to find this one at the time, though and I'm still pleased with it now! Over the years, I've sold off most of the chipped models I bought early in my collecting as I had more money to spend and bought better examples, but this is one of the first vintage Corgis I got and it's one of the first that was nice enough to keep permanently!
GunnerJim on June 07, 2010

Byfore eBay

Yes it was exhilarating when finding something like a Corgi or Dinky around the traps as I usually refer to Bootsales or Garage sales, before I ever really became involved with eBay and the likes online. I mostly found Matchbox to more prevalent on tables or in boxes. Nothing like a good scrounge. Although Australia does have a lot of Dinky's and Corgi's for sale on eBay, I always found the UK site had more to offer. I was amazed to see just what is out there around the world and this has opened up a complete new field of collecting for me as well. Nice blog and well written thanks for sharing there old mate.
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