Compare tomica VW microbus original japan and fake

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i want to share sample and compare the original than fake one,all different cast of base plate betwen original and fake. All original tomica VW microbus have weight 49 gr and fake have weight only 46 gr ( there have difference 3 gram )

i Compare 22 original varian of tomica VW microbus than 5 tomica vw microbus fake , 22 original VW have same material casting,same weight each other but different than 5 tomica VW microbus  fake ( 5 tomicas fake same weight ,same casting each other)

here picture of fake one ( have clean sticker , as we know tomica produced at 1975 )

old tomica original have yellow dirty at transparant sticker

left fake ,right original have different "L" and all font

old=original tomica , new = fake tomica have different font

left fake , 2 other original , different material of casting base plate

Logo of tomica original have perfect touching ( above original)

a original tomica have line at casting base plate, and look at font of "made in japan" original have small font fake have big font. ( left fake )

original tomica have 49 gr weight

fake tomica have 46 gr weight

look at all tomicas original have 49 gr weight ( i show only 3 sample)

the box have different too, a fake have big "R"(register) circle , and originla small"R" no circle.....i check my 3 varian box there all same.

fake box

compare box left fake one (big R and circle)

compare with other varian box

3 variant original box

3 boxes original tomica

right above fake box

i hope this information is useful


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