Chinese cars continued. This time: Busses.

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This blog post will be slightly different to those in the past. In the past I showed the latest Chinese offerings when it coms to cars, but the Chinese are active in the field of trucks and buses too. The funny thing of this post is that all the vehicles are copies of more high-end official offerings of the respective manufacturer.


This offering by GIM is a good case in point. The vehicle has no markings showing what brand it depicts, but doing some comparisons we can see it is a copy of a Yaxing JS6130SHJ. The Chinese have some sexy model naming, don't you think? In fact this could be an interesting post in itself. The first 2 letters are a code for the factory, the number 6 tells us it's a bus. The number 130 tells us it is 13 meters long. The letters SHJ are created by the manufacturer.


This model is also by GIM and shows the Youngman JNP6180G.


The last one is made by an unknown factory (no designation found) and shows a Yutong ZK6100DA. The original version has got some extra mirrors and more opening doors and bonnet.

All three vehicles have a compartment for batteries, but whereas the Youngman does not seem to have any functions, the Yaxing makes noise and the Yutong can do both sound and light. The Youngman even does 2 different sounds. One is of a roaring engine and one of the horn.

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