Chery from China

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Chery S11 Chery S11 Chery S11

Here are three examples of the Chery S11 or SQR 7110, or ... well a car with many names but mostly known for being a copy of the Chevy Matiz. They are sold on a blister with a key chain attached.

I thought the story would end there, but strangely I found some more Chery's.

Chery A1

This is the Chery A1 and it is slightly bigger in scale then the S11's above. It is sold in a box, where it is screwed afix to the cardboard. No manufacturer is shown - as far as I can make out-, but the chassis shows the logo of Chery and the scale (1:55). Both the box and the number plate identify the car as a Chery A1.

Chery A3

This is the Chery A3 and it is sold similar to the A1. Please note the antenna on both cars, a feature not commonly seen in this scale.

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