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From another disney film ,tomica made some model  at 2006  ,  3 model ( first cars disney) Lightning Mqueen! ,tomica put in D collection ( id disney , see the picture box is D23-24 an D32)

D-24 short time production ,now it'shard find

and at 2008  tomica make a new code ( for new collection cars they made "C" mean cars)

it's same model and colour between D23 and C01 can see above picture

A different size of wheel between D32 and C03 ( small rim of wheels)

2011 tomica made new model of lightning Mqueen di put at C collection ( C15  new desain model and box)

All model cars of lightning Mqueen from C collection ( not include giftset variation etc)

Continue to C colletion of disney cars




C13-C14 ( Fillmore VW last model at 2009)

And story disney car continue at 2011 tomica made 6 model with new desain box



July 2011 tomica made six model cars again ( C21-C26) i will show later when i got those models.......

To be continue


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