Cararama chassis

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Cararama is a diecast model car manufacturer owned by Hongwell, a Hong Kong car maker. They have made a few models of Formula one- like cars which are not valued highly in comparison to other car makers, as the design is rather rough. They also didnt have the rights to put original advertisement, although some of the liveries are painted exaclty as the real F1 cars.

Cars are in a bt strange 1/50 scale, which is quite rare for F1 cars, so they are a bit bigger than other models in my collection. They however run pretty well, especially after a small "adjustments" which I have made to the front wings, which used to scratch the surface when the car was moving.

In my collection there are 6 Cararama models:

  • Car nr 2, Electric, grey and black
  • Car nr 7,  Trang, white and blue
  • Car nr 8, hneuh, white and red
  • Car nr 11, Africatours, yellow and green
  • Car nr 14, KGZ, orange, white and black (this one is painted just as Arrows A20 model from 1999 F1 season)
  • Car nr 18, World Championship Team, white and red


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