BMW promotional (DTM)

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Recently, BMW has presented us with 2 scale models in 1:64 scale.

The first is a prototype of the Vision EfficientDynamics concept-car. The car is quite detailed, with special wheels and a rather strange "glass house" (the section of the car where all the windows are is sometimes referred to as glass house). The maker is unknown to me, though there are some rumours it is Jadi.


The second is the BMW M3 DTM as raced in the 2012 championship. The pictured car is the car that won the championship of the Schnitzer team and the championship winner Bruno Sprengler. There are however all 6 liveries of the cars that participated in the championship available. Both are BMW dealership exclusives.


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jclevering on January 15, 2014


Recently, a BMW X5 and BMW i3 have appeared in brochures.
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