BMW 320i Racers

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There are three BMW 320i racers in my collection. The 320i is the sometimes overlooked middle child between the stylish 3.0 CSi and the E30 models of the 1980's, including the M3. As such, models of 320i racers are far fewer. The two diecaat examples are from Bandai of Japan (orange) and Kenner's Fast 111's series (green). Also shown is a slot car version of the 320i racer. Tomica produced the stock BMW 320i and some carry racing graphics.

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RVREVO on May 22, 2011


only three??? There were several made by Matchbox and one large scale Corgi, along with several Corgi Juniors. Siku the German brand was fastidious with a diet of many German models like BMW.
Doug on June 14, 2011


I only have three of the 320i racers. The Corgi Junior models are later E30 based racers and the Matchbox is an earlier 3.0CS model. There is a good selection of 3.0CS or E30 based racers but the 320i is far more limited.
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