Big Sale at Amazing Collectors' Shop in Buckinghamshire!

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Here's a quick alert for anyone in the UK who's looking for something to do tomorrow, Saturday October 1st!

In Chesham, Buckinghamshire @ 42 High Street is an amazing little shop called Collectors Paradise who do diecast, records, china, Videos & DVDs, Thomas the Tank Engine memorabilia and all sorts of other things. It's one of those great little shops that aren't supposed to exist any more (but still do in a few places!) Tomorrow, they're having a big blow-out half price sale on EVERYTHING in the shop, starting at 8.30am! That's half price on Dinkies, Corgis and much else besides to clear out and make way for all the new stock they don't have space to put out at the moment...

This shop is old-school, so there's no website and no email! Just a phone number - 01 494 794 947 if you'd like directions! The full address is 42 High Stret, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 1EE.

I snapped a couple of pics on my iPhone but they didn't come out, so here's a pic of Chesham Hight St. itself so you can see how rural it is! The shop is on the left hand side, a bit further up!



- LaToya

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