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'The Further Fencing Fables of Alice D'Artagnan'

 Part 1 - 'The Fork Finder'

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'L'Abbaye Ste Lavine','L'Hotel De Treville','St Cecilia's Sisters of the Sacred Sibilance','La Rochelle' and 'Paschin Sur Seine'

The Comtesse Lavine takes a ride round her wedding present 

Comte Arnaud and his Comtesse await the arrival that will confirm their status 

The coach is welcomed by Dribble the Doberman as tradition requires 

King Louis XIII and his Queen, Anne of Austria, make their entrance 

Much impressed by the Comte and his little 'maison' the royal couple decide to linger for luncheon 

Armand Duplessis, Cardinal Duc D'Richelieu pauses in his politicking and prayers to summon his minions - Roquefort and Milady D'Lateautumn

The Queen intends to dine - she must not find that her fabulously  fashionable, finely filigreed, first French fork has been foully filched as  a faux favour by her secret fetishistic fanatic follower - himself! Phew!

Planchet, servant to the Chevalier D'Artagnan emerges

The Royal coach reachs the stables

Pathos and Bathos go in search of refreshment in the servant's quarters. Aramis has been delayed by a promotional meeting for his new perfume

D'Artagnan, known to his friends as 'Alice', meets obstruction when sent on a fork-finding mission. Planchet inadvertently deals with the ambush

Returning to report the missing cutlery Alice and his comrades come face to face with Roquefort, the Cardinal's living cheese. Meanwhile the sound of swordplay draws the royals, giving Milady D'Lateautumn a chance to slide the missing object onto the luncheon table. The Huguenot preacher 'Praise the Lord and Fear Deuteronomy' Clapnose tries to calm the combatants with the good book. 

 Alice reaches the royal table to beg forgiveness for his fork-finding-failure - only to discover himself the object of some amusement - masqued behind her master , Milady eyes the gauche young chevalier with interest (at compound rates I suspect!).

The Royals take their leave, Comte Arnauld walking at the King's side, Lady Lavine swapping suppository recipes with the Queen, the visit has been a great success

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