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1348 AD 

Once a Byzantine fortress on the Ragusa road - now the lair of Arnulf Von Greifen the 'Snake of Schnurt', the most infamous of the robber barons of Illyria.

 Graf Arnulf takes the evening air with his latest 'acquisition' - the Gravina Gunhilde-Ermingarde-Brunhilde-Gretchen-Hildegarde-Marlene Von OhneKinn (known to the weary as 'Lotte') - Phumph the Jester provides amusement while Mutti The Minstrel (nice boy) offers a soothing serenade  

The Austrian Margrave, Herman Von Kinnlos,  (Herman the German) arrives before the walls and sends his heralds to enquire after the well-being of Schnitzel, his favourite horse - which his niece happened to be riding when abducted. Graf Arnulf sends Phumph to give his answer.  

 Unwilling to pay the 20.000 bezants demanded as ransom for the mare, the Margrave sends for his 'direct negotiation' team. Here wagons carrying the heavy siege gear file through the narrow streets of Schnurt while his troops surround the castle. Graf Arnulf responds by cutting loose the pontoon bridge and cocking a snook (a breed of Dalmation chicken perhaps?) from the walls

Towering irony - the margrave uses the abandoned pontoons to make a bridge across the moat and brings up his siege tower

Meanwhile his trebuchet and archers unleash a barrage on the battlements to make the defenders keep their heads down

Atop the walls Graf Arnulf stands to meet his fate while Rolf, his trusty squire, gives his lord's mighty broadsword, Gladys, a final polish - can't go into battle with a soiled sword, now can we!!

Towering tragedy - trundling slowly forward the tower hits a loose plank, then takes out the assault boat full of heavily armoured knights - those guys don't float - before destroying the bridge as well. All of which leaves the Margrave mildly miffed !!

Meanwhile the reaction to the disaster from Ermingarde-Brunhilde.... Lotte, is not quite as expected. It seems Eros got in a dart amongst all those arrows 

 Overcome by an unexpected bout of gallantry Graf Arnold decides to negotiate - he offers to fight for the hand of his lady love - and all the other bits as well, of course!! 

Yesterday they were out to slaughter - today they try and skewer each other in valorous chivalry - progress !!

'Team Greifenburg' return home victorious, loaded with trophies and ransom 

Clutching his lady-love to him in fond embrace the Graf summons ale for his men and priests for his soul so that he and Ermingarde-Brunhilde-Gret.....Lotte, can be married - the ceremony can be paid for by the Margrave now following in shackles

And so we take our leave of Snurt, the Greifenburg and.....Lotte !

you can see more 1/72nd Medieval mayhem at Bayko Baron 29 - 'The Zengid Mosque'

you can see an alternative photo-set at:  - password 'waterloo'





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